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With over a decade of successfully delivering innovative IT and Business Solutions providing dramatic return on investment for its valued clients, NPM Technologies is uniquely positioned to empower your company, group or team to reach and exceed its goals.
NPM Technologies has unparalleled expertise in leveraging technology to maximize the profitability and scalability of business models in virtually every business vertical is validated by repeated million-dollar return on investment results.
NPM Technologies is particularly suited for facilitating corporate growth through the successful implementation of information technology systems, structures and business processes.
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Financial Services


Company: Visa is a Fortune 500 Company and a global payments technology company working to enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use digital currency. Visa's Net operating revenue for the fiscal full-year 2023 was $301B and total income was $7.2B. Visa recognizes that E-commerce and M-commerce have provided both the need and the means to move beyond physical cards and static account numbers and is actively ensuring their network is structured to be the preferred network for those building experiences in the E- and M-commerce worlds.

Project: Visa Money Transfer—web and mobile based secure local and global fund sending site.

Technology:SQL Server, Financial APIs, web site development, JS

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Company: Serve, an M&A initiative of American Express, a Fortune 100 Company. Serve offers convenient, low-cost options for managing and saving money and a suite of money management tools for account holders.

Project: m-Commerce mobile phone financial transaction site with Verizon, PayFone, Zynga.

Technology: Oracle, Financial APIs, WebSites, JavaScript

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Company: Bluebird, an M&A initiative of American Express, a Fortune 100 company, is the most successful new product launch of American Express in more than a decade. American Express, a global services company, has 4 operating segments: U.S. Card Services, International Card Services, Global Commercial Services, and Global Network and Merchant Services. In 2023, American Express reported a net income of $7.2B and revenues of $59.3B. Bluebird offers convenient, low-cost money management via its suite of tools for account holders.

Project: m-Commerce Financial Product Launch of secure mobile service layer for web site and mobile application.

Technology: Oracle, Financial APIs, WebSites, JavaScript
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Lydian/TD Bank

Company: Lydian, now a TD Bank(US's 10th largest bank with $366B in assets) acquired mortgage services company.

Project: Mortage imaging and automation applications increasing bottom line by $1.2 million.

Technology: Imaging Systems, SQL Server, .NET, WebSites, JavaScript, APIs
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Automotive, Aerospace & Manufacturing

Raytheon/United Technologies

Company: Raytheon/United Technologies, a Fortune 100 Company, provides technology products & services to building systems & aerospace industries worldwide. 2023 saw $68B sales & $5.5B revenue.

Project: Plant Automation Application tracking raw material receiving through finished product shipment resulting in ISO Certification issued on first Audit.
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Company: Eaton/Cooper is a World 500 Company and global leader in electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power management solutions. In 2023, Eaton had $21.4 B revenue, $2.6 B profit.

Project: Imaging digitization, storage and retrieval project.

Technology: Oracle, Visual Studio, Imaging Toolset

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Company: Toyota - World's 13th Largest Company with $270.6B revenue, 18.5B profit in 2023.

Project: Extract, Transform and Load project.

Technology: SQL Server, Visual Studio

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Saudi Aramco

Company: Saudi Aramco - World's 2nd Largest Corporation with $589B revenue, $155B profit in 2023. The story of Saudi Aramco tells of the discovery and development of the greatest energy reserves the world has ever known and the rapid transformation of Saudi Arabia from desert kingdom to modern nation-state. From our beginnings, we have grown from an oil-producing company to a fully integrated, global energy enterprise with partnerships in N America, Europe and Asia.

Project: Oil Tanker Bill of Lading digitization, storage and retrieval.

Technology: Oracle, Visual Studio, Imaging Toolset

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Liberty Power Corporation

Company: Liberty Power is the largest independent retail electric provider and serves hundreds of thousands of clients.

Projects: More than 50 Enterprise Applications, CRM Integration, Internet of Things.

Technology:Dynamics, AWS, Hybrid Cloud, IoT, APIs, WebSites, JavaScript, Sql, SharePoint, EDI

Medical & Pharmaceutical

KOS / Abbott

Company: KOS is an Abbott (Fortune 10 company) acquired company which is a globally diversified healthcare company helping people live their best possible lives. 2023 saw $41.5 B in sales and $5.8 B in revenue.

Project: Enterprise-wide financial Data Base/ERP website.

Technology: Oracle, C#, APIs, NET, WebSites, JavaScript,
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Company: Founded in 1975, MedAmerica is a leading physician practice management organization in the United States providing strategy, solutions, and systems to help clients navigate today's healthcare landscape.
Project: Database architecture for nationwide employee human resources and billing application.

Technology: SQL Server
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Outreach Programs, Inc

Company: A visiting nurse corporation.

Project: Tablet based nurse time entry and reporting system.

Technology: SQL Server, Dynamics



Company: Rair, a Lytx Company, provides Web-based suite of compliance services that help carriers to manage CSA, hours-of-service, driver vehicle inspection report, and driver qualifications.

Project: Database Re-Architecture, Data Driven Report Generator, Falsification and Violation Reports.

Technology: SQL Server, .NET, WebSites, JavaScript, APIs
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North American Van Lines

Company: Founded in 1933, North American Van Lines is a world leader specializing in corporate and residential relocation.

Project: Application tracking nationwide fleet of tractor-trailers ensuring compliance with DOT drivers' log regulations.

Technology: Microsoft Technology Stack
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The Pasha Group

Company: Since 1947, The Pasha Group has led the customized global logistic services for automotive and maritime industries. Pasha Automotive's vehicle distribution platform provides total logistics management for any vehicle throughout North America.

Project: Freighted Manifest application.

Technology: Visual Studio, .NET, APIs, SQL Server

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eCommerce & Retail Clothing

eCommerce website development for American Swan

Company: American Swan is an International online Fashion & Lifestyle brand that combines Urban American Lifestyle with a quintessential Youth-oriented Fashion: its Spirit, Energy and Authenticity. The brand offers an invigorating twist to the genre of preppy fashion, offering an authentic casual wear range to the youth who seek occasion-led collections.

Technology: HTML, CSS, Magento, Blinke

Recognition: American Swan was awarded the Online Retail Launch Site of the Year in 2014 and eRetailer Award in 2014

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Company: Chico's is a Fortune 1000 Company with $2.7 billion in sales, $1.4 billion in gross profit, operating 600 Chico's, 402 White House | Black Market, & 206 Soma Intimates boutiques, in the US.

Project: Time and Attendance, Sales Versus Payroll, Store Supply Order, Point of Sale applications.

Technology: SQL Server, Visual Studio

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Restaurants & Themes

Multipurpose landing page design

Project: Landing page template design for marketplace.

Technology: HTML, CSS

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Festive Newsletter Design

Project: Template Design for marketplace.

Technology: HTML, CSS

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Pizza Hut

Company: Pizza Hut, a Pepsi (Fortune 100)/Yum (Forbes 2000) Company.

Project: Back Office App for inventory, payroll, sales, account receivables, and account payables.

Technology: Microsoft Application Stack

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Pay Per Click Rate Data

Company: Bankrate is the leading aggregator of financial rate information, offering an unparalleled depth and breadth of rate data and financial content. Bankrate surveys 4,800 financial institutions in 50 states in order to provide clear, objective, and unbiased rates to consumers. Bankrate's Greg McBride and Jean Chatzky are regularly seen on all major network news outlets. 2023 saw Bankrate generate sales of $548 million.

Project: M&A conferences, on-site legal & technical review, analysis, go/no-go decision input and successful web integration for Fast Find, Mortgage Math, Mortgage Calc, Insure Me, Fee Disclosure, Saving For College, Credit Card Search Engine. Web Site redesign utilizing Tridion CMS. Web based video provision. Personnel selection and mentoring.

Technology: .Net, Web Site drv, JS, APIs, SQL Server, Tridion

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Company: InsureMe is a free referral service helping people find the most competitive insurance rates since 1993.

Project: M&A project incorporating insurance rate information for purchasing company.

Technology: .Net, web site dev, JavaScript, SQL Server

Mortgage Calc

Company: Mortgage Calc is a home mortgage calculator to calculate monthly payments on mortgage rates and other loans.

Project: M&A project incorporating mortgage calculator into purchasing company web site.

Technology: .NET, APIs, SQL Server, web site dev, JS, SQL Server
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Credit Card Search Engine

Company: provides comparisons & benefits of the best personal, business, & student credit cards available today.

Project: M&A project integrating credit card rates into purchasing company web site.

Technology: .Net, SQL Server, .NET, web site development, JS

Company: Since 1994, has been helping consumers make smart decisions about almost every aspect of their financial lives. Half a million readers come to our site every month for the latest news and advice.

Project: Content Management System.

Technology: .NET, APIs, SQL Server, web site development, JS, SQL Server
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Higher Education

Company: was established as a private company in 1999 with a mission to help individuals and professional advisors better understand how to meet the challenge of paying higher education costs.

Project: M&A project integrating college savings programs into existing nationally recognized financial rate web site.

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Fame, Inc.

Company: Leading Provider of Title IV Financial Aid Services and Administrative Software whose expertise in Financial Aid Services and Student Information Systems is proven every day at over 1,100 campuses across the U.S.

Project: Converted windows application to web application.

Technology:.NET, APIs, SQL Server, web site development, JS
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Company: uSell's mission is to transform the way people change up their technology by making it easy for you to sell your used gadgets. uSell connects you with hundreds of professional buyers, so you can get the best offers. uSell lets you sell your old things, so you can use the cash to buy new things, while doing good for the environment. Selling is easy with uSell, simply find the best offers instantly. Choose a buyer. Send in your gadget for free. Get paid in cash, fast! It's that simple.

Project: Nationally Televised Direct Response e-Commerce Web Site with $3M in Revenue in first 6 Months and $350M in Revenue to date.

Technology: MVC, WCF, AJAX, SQL Server, Replication, Amazon CloudFront, LinQ, PivotalTracker, SharePoint, Gomez
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Cooper General

Company: Cooper General is a leader nationally and internationally in offering total solutions for your wireless needs. Formed in 1978 Cooper General supplies wireless systems and provides engineering, maintenance and training services and is a Factory Authorized Harris Service Center

Project: Data Driven e-Commerce Web Site.

Technology: SQL Server, Visual Studio
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Company: provides individuals, groups, and companies the ability to promote their video content on more than 70 broadcast cable and broadcast television stations starting from $20.

Technology: MVC, Automated Card Processing, Automated Video Editing, AWS, SQL Server

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Inktel Direct

Company: Inktel is a thought leader in e-commerce by creating both a satisfied customer and a true brand promoter which delivers the highest net promoter and customer satisfaction scores in the e-commerce industry.

Project: Numerous enterprise wide systems providing telemarketing, mail marketing, and enterprise web sites with national customers.

Technology: SQL Server, ASP.Net, E-mail
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Company: is a state of the art marketing company providing Drone Video Advertising solutions.

Technology:Drones, Lightweight Lithium Batteries, Video, Automated Card Processing, Automated Video Editing

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Banners On The Cheap

Company:Banners On The Cheap is a thought leader in e-commerce by utlizing the latest technology to deliver customer satisfaction for marketing consumers.

Project:Transferring payment systems to PayPal and Amazon Pay. Optimizing architecture with micro services framework.

Technology:Amazon Pay, APIs, web site dev, JS, SQL Server
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Legal & Russian Retail

Responsive website design for The Body Shop Russia

Company: The Body Shop International PLC.

Technology: web site dev

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Becker Poliakoff

Company: Becker & Poliakoff, a commercial law firm with 170 attorneys, lobbyists and other professionals in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Prague.

Project: Client facing web portal, DB, reports.

Technology: .NET, SQL Server, JS,

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Web & Travel

Responsive website Redesign for

Company: Bargain Technologies Ltd.

Technology: web site dev, JS

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Website design for

Company: Ne-xplore Travel & Tourism.

Technology: HTML5, CSS3, PHP , jQuery, Bootstrap

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Luxury Cruises

Oceania Cruises

Company: Oceania Cruises is the world's largest upper premium cruise line. Finest Cuisine at Sea, Destination Immersion Specialists and Intimate & Luxurious Ships define their five-star product.

Project: Public facing Web Site.

Technology: .NET, Angular, JS, APIs, SQL Server
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Norwegian Cruise Lines

Company: A Forbes Global 2000 company with a 49-year history of breaking the boundaries of traditional cruising, such as Freestyle Cruising where guests design their ideal cruise vacation.

Project: Migration to Norwegian Tier 1 Platform of acquired (M&A) Oceania Web Site, Database, Web API, Ektron CRM and Application Services.

Technology: .NET, Angular, JS, APIs, SQL Server
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Company: Regent Seven Seas Cruises fleet includes sister all-suite, all-balcony, 700-guest ships Seven Seas Voyager, Seven Seas Mariner, and the Seven Seas Navigator.

Project: Public Site. New RSVP & Booking Sites for Christening of World's Most Luxurious Ship delivered one month ahead of schedule.

Technology: .NET, Angular, JS, APIs, SQL Server

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